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Model Walk-Ins - What to Expect

Many models on the PHA books joined us through a walk-in open casting, and many remember their experience clearly.  It’s the first time you meet your potential new agency family, and can be the start of a new exciting chapter.  Here at PHA we hold walk-ins between 11 and 12, Monday to Friday, and are always keen to meet aspiring new models.

Of course you can apply to become a model online through the Work With Us page, but it’s always great to meet potential models in person if possible.  That way we can get to know your personality better than through just photographs.  Personality is just as important as looks in this industry – nobody wants to work with a miserable model!

There’s no need to bring anything but yourself to a walk-in, although of course if you already have a portfolio or any relevant images please bring those along.  Natural hair and makeup is best – we want to see the real you!  Bone structure, skin, natural hair texture, the lot.  Models are a blank canvas to be dressed, made up, and transformed into a character for photoshoots, so we need to see this blank canvas to begin with.  If you can wear clothes that show off your shape (think skinny jeans and simple fitted tops), even better.

We’ll measure your height and ask you to fill in a few details about yourself.  Typical height for female models is 5’7 and 5’11 for males, however if you have a particularly strong look we may consider petite models.

That’s all the information you need – a walk-in really is that simple!  No appointments are necessary.  Please find us at the address below, second floor at Tanzaro One, Tanzaro House.

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