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Model Polaroids

Polaroids are often the first photographs taken of a model when they sign with an agency, and are a crucial part of the modelling world.  Traditionally they were taken on an actual Polaroid camera and were straight up ‘mugshots’ against a plain white wall, but these days ‘polaroids’ have been replaced with ‘digitals’ and are slightly less restricted.

The purpose of these shots is to show clients a model’s natural look, free from the makeup, styling and backgrounds that come with most photoshoots.  Clients want to see the ‘blank canvas’ they’ll be working with.  For this reason outfits are best kept simple too, to remove all distractions and show the model’s shape.

It’s important for a model to keep their polaroids up to date, even if they’ve been modelling for 20 years!

A mix of serious faces, neutral expressions and smiles is always best.  It shows that a model is versatile, and can play a smiley part just as well as a moody one.

We’ve recently been refreshing the polaroids at PHA, and are really happy with how they’re turning out!

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