Lee-Ann Snyman



Growing up in Malawi, a lot of ingredients were generally quite pricey, or completely inaccessible. This meant getting a little creative in the kitchen when it came to cooking from some of her favourite recipe books, which is something Lee-Ann learned from an early age from her Mother and Grandmother.

This built a real foundation for her love for food and helped her grow familiar with flavours and textures and how ingredients behaved with each other. Lee-Ann developed a love for cooking from a young age, and being in the kitchen has always been a part of who she is.

After undertaking work experience in a hotel kitchen whilst at school, she decided that the high pressured life of a chef wasn’t for her, thus keeping her love for food and cooking at home where she could truly nurture it at her own leisure.

Following a degree in Creative Direction where Lee-Ann practiced more photography and concept development, she started to really explore the world of food styling from her own kitchen. She started photographing food and experimenting with colour more, and realised that she could use the skills she’d developed and apply them to styling food and creating dishes.

Lee-Ann has found that precision, a sharp eye for detail and colour theory really comes in handy, as well as being able to think on her feet and deal with last-minute changes. She loves delving into the stories behind food and visual storytelling plays a huge part in her work.

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