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Arran Critchley is hitting up a storm on Instagram with his following growing by the minute. We recently collaborated with him and the beauty of his work has shown. Take a little peak below to see what life has been like shooting the best models in Manchester on the street.

What is a typical day for you (start to finish)?

Coffee… lots of coffee! I’m an early morning guy! Got to get that 7am run in to kick things off, get the brain matter working… Then straight down to business, emails, sending edited sets, double checking the models I’m working with on that particular day are all set for the shoots. Making sure the weather is playing ball!

Head out for a full day of shooting. Now, I make sure by the end of the day, I’ve dropped some edited previews of the shoots I’ve had that day on IG stories. Then sit down late evening and get to editing. Always aiming to get the full sets sent to the various peeps within 2, 3 days (Tops).

 When did you first get into photography and where did your west coast style come from?

It started way back when I was little. I was always playing with any sort of camera I could get my hands on. Initially began with landscapes, moving towards automotive, then really finding my passion within the world of fashion/lifestyle/portraits!

California is the dream! To work and shoot there for a living would be the ultimate for me. I’m actually heading over there next June for 4 weeks! So we’ll have to wait and see if I come back…

What’s a project you’ve worked on recently that you’re proud of?

I’ve been working on a pretty cool range of projects recently, but you’ll have to wait and see… Keep an eye on my Instagram (@arrancritchley) and website for all the latest updates on what I’ve been working on and where I am!!!

What inspires you the most about shooting around Manchester?

Manchester has always given me a great vibe. With loving the West Coast elements, aiming for the LA vibe for me is key! Don’t get me wrong, trying to make Manchester look like areas of LA isn’t easy. But for me it works! Manchester is a beautiful city and I’ve always loved shooting there.

The city has brilliant variation when it comes to locations. Even just walking around you feel like you’re somewhere new every few minutes!

What was your favourite part about shooting with each of our models here at PHA?

Faye: Brilliant laugh, super bubbly and fitted really well with my style. Brilliant model and I really feel Faye will go far in the modelling world.

Casey: Really cool guy! Had plenty in common which is always a winner. Casey had a really interesting back story about modelling at a younger age and making a comeback!

Joe: Joe and I are actually now pretty good friends since the shoot! New gym buddies, and plenty of mountain biking has been done!

Who is your favourite photographer and what fashion campaign sticks out at you?

Now that’s a hard question to answer! So without putting names down. I’ll just say I’ve a good few amazing photographers who inspire me to push myself every day!

Campaign wise… I’ve always been a huge fan of the Urban Outfitters photography and campaigns.

What can we expect from you in future?

Now, I’m not the type of person to blow their own trumpet. So all I can say is “Keep your eyes peeled”

Big thanks to PHA for the blog feature! All the guys here are lovely people. And I look forward to working with them in the future. Much love, Arran!

View Arran’s work here: https://www.arrancritchley.co.uk/

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